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10 great ways to look and feel Christmas ready

When we think about getting ready for Christmas, we usually think of our overflowing to-do list — order the turkey, get the tree up and so forth. Throughout all the festive chaos, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Looking our best helps us feel our best, which is why pampering is an excellent way to practice self-care this holiday season. We’ve put together this list of 10 relaxation and beauty services to get you Christmas ready.

Have your nails done

With Christmas a peak social season, you’ll likely be dressing up more often. Chipped, brittle nails can quickly detract from the otherwise gorgeous festive look you’ve put together for that Christmas party. Getting a professional manicure or pedicure can help you put your best foot (or hand) forward! Your local nail salon has a range of affordable nail options to help you get that polished look. Whether it’s an express mani/pedi, glamorous acrylics or a long-lasting gel set, there’s something to fit every need and lifestyle. You can even ask your nail technician for some festive nail art, so you can really get into that Christmas spirit!

Refresh your hair

There’s no better way to feel like your best self this Christmas than with a fresh new hairdo. Booking in for that cut, colour and blow-dry can help instantly revamp your look for summer — plus, it means you’ll beat the New Year rush! Even booking a wash and treatment can help revive your hair and give you a little relaxation time. Whether you’re after beachy waves, an up-do, or a sleek straight look, your hairstylist can help you achieve that ‘wow’ factor for your Christmas party.


Shake up your makeup

At Christmas time, you’ll likely feel you want to venture outside your usual beauty routine and do something fun with your makeup. Trying to follow beauty tutorials on YouTube can often end in a messy disaster — causing you to start all over again! Getting makeup done professionally can help get your ideal Christmas party makeup. From a smoky eye to a golden goddess aesthetic, a makeup artist can help you achieve that head-turning look.

Bliss out with a massage

Let’s be honest — Christmas is a busy and stressful time. Between finishing end-of-year deadlines at work and deciding what to cook at Christmas lunch, there’s a lot to think about. Be proactive about your self-care by booking in a relaxing massage. It’s a great way to manage stress levels and reduce body aches and stiffness that can arise at this time of year. Plus, it’s an hour or so you get to yourself, with no distractions or responsibilities to attend to. A massage is also a great pick-me-up during a busy day of Christmas shopping —  carrying those heavy shopping bags can be tough on your body!

Defuzz with a wax

The weather is heating up and jeans and jumpers are going into storage. With more of our body seeing the light of day, we find ourselves de-fuzzing more often. Constantly shaving in the shower can be time-consuming and annoying — not to mention, disposable razors aren’t great for the environment. Going for a wax can be a quick and cost-effective alternative. The result? Enjoy your festive season without having to waste precious time thinking about hair removal!

Or opt for laser hair removal

Want hair removal to get Christmas ready, but find waxing a little awkward or uncomfortable? Laser is another great option. Completely non-invasive, safe and painless, using light to gently prevent follicle hair growth. No plucking, pulling or ripping involved! However, one thing to be aware of with laser is that it’s more a long-term option than waxing. It generally takes a few sessions to completely prevent hair growth in that area — but once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Most clinics allow you to buy a pack of laser sessions in bulk to make it more affordable.

Get a facial

With so many events on, we tend to wear more makeup during the holiday season. Creating the perfect base for Christmas beauty begins with healthy, glowing skin. While using at-home products works well in the long-term, the fastest way to get there is with a facial. Your aesthetician will work to determine your specific skin type (i.e. dry and dull, or oily and acne-prone) and curate a combination of products to target your needs. Your facial will help prepare the skin for summer, and you’ll walk out with an instant, just-back-from-holiday glow. A facial is extremely relaxing which is a nice bonus.

Level up your lashes

Red lips are lovely and glowing cheeks are gorgeous. But nothing takes your Christmas makeup to the next level like some va-va voom eyelashes. Lash grooming has come a long way in New Zealand recently and there are many different options to fit your needs. After something low maintenance? A lash lift curls your natural lashes giving illusion of more length. Lash tint can also be applied to darken the lashes, so you don’t need to wear mascara — perfect for no-fuss beach days. If you’re after something more glam, eyelash extensions are an excellent choice. Depending on which type you go for, these can give a natural boost or a dramatic, doe-eyed look.

Beautify your brows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the curtains that frame them. Groomed and symmetrical brows instantly make you look more polished and put-together—which work in your favour in all those Christmas photos! Eyebrows aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and your brow artist will work with you to create a look that perfectly fits your face. Options range from a quick brow tidy, a tint and wax or threading for a more natural solution. Permanent eyebrow tattooing is another option if you really want to take your brows to the next level.

Glow up with a spray tan

We’re entering the hottest time of year, which naturally means more time at the beach. While summer is synonymous with a sun-kissed glow, roasting in the sun isn’t the best way to achieve it. Excessive sun exposure prematurely ages the skin and also heightens risk of skin cancer. At the same time, at-home fake tan can be time-consuming and messy. Who has time to sit around waiting for their tan to dry when there’s Christmas presents to buy and parties to plan? Getting a spray tan at your local tanning salon is a quick and sun-safe solution. Modern salons now have a range of natural tanning solutions, free from chemical nasties. It only takes around 15 minutes to have tan applied, and many solutions develop in as little as an hour — meaning you can get back to your to-do list.


The festive season is a time to be enjoyed by all, including you! So, let your hair down this festive season and make time for some well-deserved R&R. By booking in for one of these relaxation and beauty services, you’ll look and feel Christmas ready.

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